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RoboJam PH

how to register to Robojam ph events

These are the current available challenges here in the Philippines. If you want to check other countries challenges, click the button below.

You can pay through:

Jennylou Pangilinan-Riel 09350286550

Jennylou Pangilinan-Riel
Acct# 2056 1668 85

Jennylou Pangilinan-Riel
Acct# 321-3-321-29957-2


Draw a given shape with the VR Robot. Instructions will be revealed on the day of the challenge and the teams will have up to 90 minutes to solve it and send a video to a given submission link. 

Note: This challenge is only for participants age 12  years old and below

Dibujar una figura determinada con el robot simulado. El reto será revelado el día del evento. Cada equipo rtendrá hasta 90 minutos para enviar un video con la solución.


Navigate through a maze and go to given specific  spots. This will be a LIVE event.

Recorrer un laberinto donde debes ir a unos cuadros especificos. El reto será EN VIVO.


Use an RC robot to take an object from point A to point B being in sure it is always touching the line.

Usar un robot radio controlado para llevar un objeto de un punto A a un punto B sin que salga de la linea.


Pick up some colored disks and take them to a given position, only revealed the day of the event. Each team will have up to 90 minutes to solve the challenge and submit a video recording of the working program with explanation. Entries sent beyond the 90-minute deadline will not be scored. 


Recoger unos discos de colores y llevarlos a unas posiciones específicas, lo cual se informará el día del evento. Cada equipo tendrá hasta 90 minutos para enviar la solución.


*NEW 2022* An autonomous robot capable of climbing 1.5 meters from a totally vertical surface in the shortest possible time

*NUEVO 2022* Un robot autónomo capaz de trepar 1.5 mts de  una superficie totalmente vertical en el menor tiempo posible


Use a Biped Robot to Cover 1.5 mt (150 cm) as fast as possible

Recorrer una distancia de 1.5 metros (150 cm) en el menor tiempo posible, con un robot bípedo autonomo.

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